The farm in January

Posted by on Feb 15, 2013 in British Blonde, Farm, Heckingham Hall, Red Poll, Sheep

All the cattle are housed, even the red polls, because of the excessive rain and wet ground. We have been unable to leave any out wintering.

The sugar beet has all been lifted and safely delivered to Cantley sugar beet factory, a yield of approx 30 tons an acre. This is very pleasing considering the poor growing season last year.

The ewes are enjoying the sugar beet tops (this is what is left on the field after the harvester has lifted the beet), which should last them most of the month.

Snow has fallen and hay and fodder beet have been given.

On the 21st January 2013, I headed to Shropshire, my birthplace and childhood home, for the Cattle Breeders Conference. This is a very informative event, with some very interesting speakers. For me it was a chance to meet up with friends old and new, all with a common interest!

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