BBQs and swimming pools

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The weather is wonderful.   Let’s all enjoy it (although the farm desperately needs rain.)   We have had many holiday makers making the most of the barbeques and cooling down in the swimming pool or hot tub.   Last week a young boy aged 6 asked his mother if he could live at Hellington Hall Barn for ever and ever.  Unfortunately for him, she had to tell him no. We are taking bookings for 2014 and some key dates are filling up . Please do book to avoid any disappointment. Living with a farmer means always looking ahead by a season and I am getting used to it. The excitement of the month...

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May on the farm

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The farm is looking as well as could be expected.  Although amazingly it is in need of some rain!   All the cattle are out at grass which is a great relief for myself and them.   On the 23rd May, I headed to Malvern for the National Beef Association’s Beef Expo 2013.  This is an annual event targeted at beef farmers.  A very good day although a rather chilly day for me. Spring barley is looking good but the sugar beet is rather...

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April on the farm

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Finally a dry spell! Sugar beet was drilled on the 26th of this month. All the young lambs are growing fast and are eating the spring grass as fast as it comes. Meg the sheep dog has had five puppies! Not all the cattle are out at grass yet so still lots of feeding to do as grass growth is...

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March on the farm

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Lambing started in earnest at the beginning of March and the weather was reasonable. The weather deteriorated rapidly and got increasingly colder and wetter.  However on the whole we have been very lucky and we missed out on the heavy snowfall thankfully.  Calving has progressed well with lots of calves waiting to go out onto some green grass! Spring Crops Barley was drilled on the 26th of March, which was later than usual.    The weather still remains extremely cold and the grass growth is...

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November 2012 Farm update

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As one farming year closes another starts. One is tempted to review the past and wonder how it might inform the future. I suspect for most the memory of the 2012 farming year will, not for the first time, be the weather. The rams have gone in with the ewes and the whole process starts again. In farming, we are always looking ahead. The cows are all housed apart from the Red Polls who are grazing stubble turnips. Winter routine is in full swing. All cows have been scanned and I am extremely pleased that they are back in calf after an extreme summer. All the ewes are going to be scanned in the...

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Comfy cows

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Comfy cows came to trim the cows feet. His trailer is tailored to the job and makes it safe for the cows and...

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