Worming sheep

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Oliver and his friends from Writtle College are home for the weekend worming the sheep! Hope Tom, Dick and Harry (the Rams) have done their...

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In lamb ewes for sale

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In lamb ewes for sale,  Texel x  scanned  in lamb to Charollais.   Approximately 35 ewes, will split.  Please call 01508 548079 for details.

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June on the farm

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  Cattle are settled at grass although grass growth still appears slow.   15 new Red Poll heifers arrived from Sally and Ed Turner’s, Seahawk herd.   These young heifers will be put to the Red Poll bull next month. Sheep shearing took place at the start of June with the contractors completing in one day.   First of the fat lambs were drawn and marketed to Blakes abbatoir.  Dead weight was 20kg: a very good...

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April on the farm

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Finally a dry spell! Sugar beet was drilled on the 26th of this month. All the young lambs are growing fast and are eating the spring grass as fast as it comes. Meg the sheep dog has had five puppies! Not all the cattle are out at grass yet so still lots of feeding to do as grass growth is...

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March on the farm

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Lambing started in earnest at the beginning of March and the weather was reasonable. The weather deteriorated rapidly and got increasingly colder and wetter.  However on the whole we have been very lucky and we missed out on the heavy snowfall thankfully.  Calving has progressed well with lots of calves waiting to go out onto some green grass! Spring Crops Barley was drilled on the 26th of March, which was later than usual.    The weather still remains extremely cold and the grass growth is...

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February on the Farm

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As I write,  we have had quite a few dry days!    It really does make a difference.   All the store lambs have finished well on stubble turnips and will be going to Melton Mowbray market on the 5th of March.  The in-lamb ewes are all looking good and about to explode at any time!    The in-calf cows are all looking good with calving imminent. Crops The land is drying nicely,  we hope to spread some FYM (farm yard manure) very soon and start ploughing the sugar beet land.  All the seed has arrived;  lets hope it warms up soon as we are ready to...

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